About Us

Connecting Your Organization with Funding Opportunities & RFPs

RFPMatch is your central source for funding and bid opportunities. Our core service offering consists of GrantMatch, which connects organizations with grant opportunities, and BidMatch, which delivers targeted proposal requests to businesses across a wide variety of market sectors. Our mission is to help strengthen communities throughout the nation by supporting continued growth among the businesses and organizations that serve them.

RFPMatch harnesses the power of deep web research technology and combines it with professional expertise to bring you actionable funding insights specific to your industry and your company.

Paula Love, Ed.D. - Founder, President and Visionary

Dr. Paula Love is a renowned funding expert with years of experience delivering funding strategies for for-profit organizations, state and local educational agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, and institutions of higher learning. She knows education and funding from every perspective, beginning in the classroom up through the federal level and into the corporate education world. She brings over 40 years of expertise to RFPMatch.com. Her areas of expertise include program management and evaluation, private and public sector partnerships, bid and contract coordination, grant and proposal development, and technology planning and implementation.

Her core value of helping others began at the early age of seven, when Paula rallied a community and raised so much money for cystic fibrosis that she made the front-page headlines in a prominent newspaper. Her passion for funding continued into her high school years, where she led her classmates to raise the bar in fundraising. In her career, she gained great respect at the federal, state, and local levels of education as a highly successful grant administrator. Dr. Love’s work with state departments of education, local school districts, for-profit companies, and non-profit organizations has resulted in increasing revenues well over $150 million.

Dr. Love is an experienced funding consultant and brings a wealth of insight to every company and organization she assists, helping improve processes and efficiencies while uncovering new opportunities for growth.